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I had read the first chapter and thought: "Gosh that's gonna be a politically correct manual for social justice warriors." I am glad I continued because, despite the dismissal of Ain Rand's ideas without any argument, it was not. The book is a pretty captivating story of Harry trying to use the scientific method to dissect the world of magic and having quite a bit of fun in the process of doing so. It's all about thinking, cognitive biases, decision theory, game theory and such. It's a fan-fiction, but I enjoyed it more than the original.

Some quotes:

Father had told Draco that to fathom a strange plot, one technique was to look at what ended up happening, assume it was the intended result, and ask who benefited.

"Undersstood," hissed the snake. "But remember thiss, boy, other eventss proceed whthout you. Hessitation iss alwayss eassy, rarely usseful."

So far as Harry was concerned, the five stages of grief were Rage, Remorse, Resolve, Research, and Resurrection.

"Oh, for Merlin’s sake - yes, he was trying to kill you. Get used to it. Only boring people never have that experience."

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