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An interesting critique of Eric Raymond's book 'The Cathedral and the Bazaar' and the bazaar approach to software development in general. The source build systems of today need to check for some pretty crazy stuff. If memory recalls, during its bootstrap process, CMake checks for which of around 25 different flavors of the gethostbyname (or whatever) function is present on the host system. As for autotools and friends: they are completely incomprehensible.

the generation of lost dot-com wunderkinder in the bazaar has never seen a cathedral and therefore cannot even imagine why you would want one in the first place, much less what it should look like. It is a sad irony, indeed, that those who most need to read it may find The Design of Design entirely incomprehensible. But to anyone who has ever wondered whether using m4 macros to configure autoconf to write a shell script to look for 26 Fortran compilers in order to build a Web browser was a bit of a detour, Brooks offers well-reasoned hope that there can be a better way.

I will most definitely read the book.

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