Content from 2012-04

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Pretty interesting talk on how to prevent squirrels from stealing bird food using python and computer vision.

Steps to recognize a squirrel on a picture:

  • Subtract background.
    • Compute average value of each pixel over time to build a background profile.
  • Detect blobs.
  • Discriminate blobs. Distinguish between squirrels from other things. The author used support vector machines.
    • Blob size
    • Color histograms
    • Entropy detection (squirrel tail)

Other interesting stuff mentioned:

Video Link

Way too long for the amount of useful content presented, but still quite OK.


I wrote this script to generate web sites from git using jekyll. It works as a git post-receive hook.

Mandatory repo configuration:

]==> git config jekyll.destination /path/to/the/website/files
]==> git config jekyll.branch master